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My experiences may not be extraordinary but they are mine. 

My name is Valerie A. Williams. I used to go by Brownwoman back in the day but I now keep everything I do (graphic design, blogging, etc.) under the moniker OneHipSista. I never called myself a writer, but guess what? I am because I do it. I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been journaling since junior high and the need to write has steadily grown ever since I began writing for my personal website back in 1998. It’s never been difficult. When I’m moved, I write. Sometimes the words fly out so quickly that I wish I could type faster in order to keep up with my thoughts. When I finally stop to read what I’ve written, I often find myself laughing (or crying). Writing is cathartic.

As an artist, I view life as a blank canvas filled with possibilities. I use metaphors to try to paint pictures with words that I hope people will understand. Behind my quiet exterior is a mind that refuses to shut down and an inner voice I can’t (and don’t plan to) quell. While I’m certain you won’t agree with all that’s written, you may be able to relate or gain some understanding of the way I see life, love and relationships. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I am like you, making my way through. I may observe things others don’t see but it is my perspective. I’m over-analytical and judgmental at times but I accept that about myself. I’m a work in progress. Unless you have lived my life, you will not see things the way I do. You’ll filter my experiences through your experiences.

I recognize that all who visit may not be religious or believers, but I believe all emotional issues can be solved with prayer and spiritual guidance. There is a direct correlation between your emotional well-being and your personal relationship with God. If you have relationships riddled with trust and anger issues or find yourself unable to forgive others in your daily life, you’ll likely find these same issues in your relationship with God. When you become emotionally mature, you can become spiritually mature and do the work that God has set out for you and you move courageously forward  to do it.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Much of my content was borne out of frustration… but also out of love. I’ve spent so much time discussing emotional issues with others…discussing problems we didn’t know were there or haven’t had the courage to face… and we hurt…badly, in some cases. More importantly, we don’t want to stay stuck by these issues. Knowing there is something holding you back from your purpose is one thing, but having the courage to address it is something entirely different. My hope with some of the writing on this site is to encourage those who want to do something different/better to do it. If you wound up here, there may be something in these pages that speaks to an issue you are struggling with. Question is…do you have the courage to do something about it?

For the record, this site is not about fixing anyone, as we are all imperfect. I encounter so many miserable, hurting people and I believe they could find peace and joy in their lives (if they want it) if they embrace responsibility, accountability and emotional maturity. Having the courage to live authentically, showing up in your relationships, being accountable… failure to do so over time can result in deeply rooted fears and insecurities that keep you closed off from people who love you, or prohibit healthy relationships from growing in the first place.

I thank my Savior, Jesus Christ for my gifts and the constant whispering to my spirit and heart to CREATE. If you want to learn more about Jesus Christ, there are plenty of ways to do that – start with Romans 10:9. There are awesome resources, devotionals and apps available as well.

I am still glad you stopped by. Your questions, comments and feedback are welcome. God bless – and thank you for visiting!


Hi. I'm Valerie. Glad you're here – come on in and sit a spell. I've never put so much of my writing online but I share my personal experiences in hopes that I help someone in some way. I hope you find something you read thought-provoking, amusing or encouraging. Reach out or comment if you like. Please forgive the typos, grammar and cussing. Thanks for stopping by.

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