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Love seems to find you when you least expect it. One minute you're wondering what went wrong in previous relationships...in the next you're staring into the eyes of a "could be" love. I must admit, after reading Iyanla's In the Meantime, I felt I had tons of work to do on myself. There were issues to be dealt with, vows to be made, unresolved emotions, etc. There was a even a time when I wanted to be in a relationship, so badly in fact, it made me miserable.

Once I realized that I can do with or without a partner, one appeared. What started out as an innocent email dating adventure had blossomed into a blessed relationship. Although I didn’t think I was ready for a relationship, God thought differently and BAM, He placed someone in my life. Then just as quickly he was gone. Guess I wasn’t ready.

Remember how I said that God gives us what we need – not necessarily what we think we want? Well it’s TRUE! You see, this man appeared as other men had – charming, handsome, funny, alluring yet I knew there was something different about him the first time we met in person. I saw much of myself in him. He also gave me the opportunity to learn some things about myself. It was like looking in a mirror. Does the self-improvement stop when you find someone? Absolutely not. In fact, I lost sight of that for a moment but was brought back before I back-slid.

I just thank God that my life continues to change and evolve. For the past six months, my life moved slowly but now I understand it was meant to be that way. It provided me with time to look deep within. My life has transitioned in personal and professional aspects as well. I learn something new every single day and for that I am truly grateful.

Because I believe in Jesus and the power of prayer, I urge those seeking fulfillment in their lives to seek out God. Don’t think He doesn’t care about you because of something you’ve done wrong. Rom:3:23: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” Money cannot make you happy or bring you true peace. Sex, drugs, material possessions won’t do it. Seek Him and be blessed. †

Originally Written: December 8, 1998


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