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Christmas Peas

Years ago, my Mom, sis and I started a tradition. At Thanksgiving, we make lists of things we don't necessarily need, but would like to have. A few weeks later, we...

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I don't see my sister all that often. She goes to work at 5am in the morning - usually when I'm headed to bed. When I wake up, she's halfway through her work day. We...

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My Truth

I just started reading a book that talks about your "truth" and how you can empower yourself by telling your story. Being true to you. So, I feel the need to tell a...


Hi. I'm Valerie. Glad you're here – come on in and sit a spell. I've never put so much of my writing online but I share my personal experiences in hopes that I help someone in some way. I hope you find something you read thought-provoking, amusing or encouraging. Reach out or comment if you like. Please forgive the typos, grammar and cussing. Thanks for stopping by.

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