Survival Hope Spirit

Jeremiah was a Grasshopper

He was a bullfrog (love that song) and the "Weeping Prophet" in the bible, however, this is not about a frog or a bug. Many summers ago, I named a grasshopper...

Anger Control

Tell ‘Em Why You Mad

We're not supposed to get angry. We're not even supposed to talk about being angry. Uncivilized people get angry. People with poor home-training and social skills...

Anger Control

Why You Should Get Good and Mad

We're afraid to let our anger show because we've learned it can have irrevocable consequences when not expressed properly. Notice I said, "let our anger show" and...

Relationships Love Fear Trust

Love is an Action

We could all use more love in our lives, right? Nobody I know says, "Love. Nah... I'm good. I've got all the love I need from everyone I want it from." If you say so...

Relationships Love

Managed Out of a Relationship

I know it happens with jobs, but in a relationship? Yep. I believe I was "managed out." Not broken up with (fired) but managed out like an employee with no future or...

Entrepreneurship Courage

Don’t Just Talk About It

If you do anything entrepreneurial in nature, you've likely talked to others about getting new business, sales, marketing, etc. When I started talking to others, it...

Sadness Hope Trials

When Sadness is Depression

You can call it sadness, feeling down, low mood or whatever else, but I say call it what it is: depression. Are you depressed? You may tell others it's just a rough...

Emotion Sadness

The Cleansing Power of Tears

I used to be ashamed by how easily I cried. Maybe because my older siblings always thought I was a cry-baby when I was younger. I'm sure there were plenty of times I...

Survival Sadness Trials Courage

Walking Wounded

Hurt people hurt people. #truth It's got to stop because it's created an entire society of hurt people, who are creating more hurt people. I call them the walking...

Self Control Trust Spirit

Painful Decisions

While you might be able to walk the line for awhile on some life choices, on others you're either in or out. If you find yourself struggling to choose a path because...

Joy Spirit

Every Day Joy

Ever dealt with someone whose vibe is so low you feel it instantly? I had to meet with such a person (mandatory meeting – and no it wasn't a parole officer) and...


Hi. I'm Valerie. Glad you're here – come on in and sit a spell. I've never put so much of my writing online but I share my personal experiences in hopes that I help someone in some way. I hope you find something you read thought-provoking, amusing or encouraging. Reach out or comment if you like. Please forgive the typos, grammar and cussing. Thanks for stopping by.

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